Giving Options

At Dat School, we believe in affordable education for all but also in the freedom of living according to our ideals. At this time, the public system doesn't fund schools that do not endorse the official curriculum. To be able to stay independent, we need to get support and funding elsewhere than the Department of Education.

Dat School needs your help. Time, money, skills, and materials are needed to continue to fuel the curious minds of our learners. Be a part of a school that is changing the face of education.

Financial contributions

You can make a one-time or monthly financial contribution with Paypal Giving Fund. There are no fees for us or for you!
You can also make a donation via Donor Box.



Learners and Facilitators Wishlist

In-Kind donations are very much appreciated. Below you'll find a list of materials and items we are constantly in need of for our learners and learning environment. We gladly accept gently used materials.

In-kind donations are also tax deductible - keep your receipts and we will be happy to provide a letter for your tax needs.

This list is changing regularly 

Kid's Tent or Canopy

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Kid's Scooter

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Kid's Scooter (Taller kids)

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Anatomically correct baby doll

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Telestrations Board Game

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Refurbished computer

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Items we regularly need:

Sharpies; Painter's Tape; Regular Tape.

Ink cartridges EPSON 702XL

US smile SquidInk@2x

If you shop at Amazon, Dat School can receive a small percentage of your purchases. Simply click here to add Dat School as your prefered charity.